More Filters
I purchased this air filter with 1500 filtration level for my apartment while returns were canceled due to COVID. It was the wrong size. If anyone would like a free unopened air filter, please reach out.
Workable hand truck, please. Will be new inner tubes if needed, no problem.
I would really love some Angel Trumpet Plants of any color or kind!!! They are so very beautiful. I promise I will make cuttings of my plants and give them away afterwards. After all, isn't that what this is all about.
I am looking for any orchid plants or parts thereof that I can try to grow in my greenhouse (almost built!). They are totally cool, awesome, beautiful etc. If I can figure these out I will of course share for free later on.... :-)
Hello...Need old bricks with no holes... will be greenhouse floor. I have some but need some more.... I would like red, orange, purplish etc old fashioned bricks. Does not matter if they have cement all over them or if they were cemented together - we will chip it all off. Thanks so much for looking. Greenhouse is almost done!
I have a used purple and turquoise flowered shower curtain with a brand new liner, new hooks, 2 new purple rugs, and a small used white trash can with 2 matching soap dishes. All good stuff for a smaller bathroom.
My Grandson is in need of an inside kennel for his dog, shepard lab mix 50 lbs at 6 mnths old, he has outgrown his smaller kennel and has to be in a kennel when left alone, Grandson lives in a camper. If you have one please help thank you, Diana I an be reached t 251 653 9181 anytine in afternoon if machine picks up I will call back again thank you
My grandson needs an indoor kennel for his dog, A shepard lab mix 6 months old 50 lbs. He has to be in kennel when left alone. if anyone has one they no longer need please ontact me at 251 653 9181, leve a msg if no one answers thank you
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I'll be moving soon and could use boxes. Anything would be helpful. Thanks!
over a month agoMobile, ALFree StuffWantedReport Listing
If anyone has any moving boxes that you'd be willing to give away for free I am looking!
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