Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Mobile, AL

40 Gallon Aquarium/Habitat $40 Excellent condition
2.5 gallon fish tank for sale. Gently used. Comes with LED light inside lid, filter (no cartridges-can buy at pet stores for ~$10-12 for 3 of them. Rocks and plants included. Also comes with divider if you get 2 Bettas. Rocks and plants clean but you will need to double clean to make sure bacteria is killed. Or you may buy new plants and rocks Proceeds go to purchasing something cool for my cla...
New/never opened 5lbs
10 Gallon Fish Aquarium L 20" W 10" H 12" Includes: Submersible Heater, 4 pk filter cartridges, air pump, 5in1 easy strips monthly water test strips, 3 bottles half full of start right, clear water, and safe start, and some glofish food. Tank has 2 LED lights under hood also. Used a couple months. *No water filter included*

Fish tank

13 gallon evo fluval salt water tank. comes with fish. Really easy to keep up with. Very beautiful.
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